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Sign in/Registering

                To register/sign in on our site you need to go through steam’s OAuth 2.0 API sign in service (You can read more about steam’s OAuth service here). This service gives our servers publicly available information about your steam account. However, we do not store all the information. The information that we store includes the following: your Steam64ID and your steam profile URL on our database. Other information that gets displayed on the page such as your avatar image, and your steam name gets stored in cookies on your browser. These can be cleared whenever you would like but it would also sign you out of

Other information

                Other information that we store is your balance, your trade offer URL (which is provided by you, the user), any clearance permissions, transactions you have participated in, and a timestamp of when you started your daily bonus. We do not store or monitor your IP address.

Our Partners

                The information we receive from our offer walls partners only includes your Steam64ID, the reward amount, and any validation key they provide us with. All other information gathered by our partners are NOT relayed to us and we therefore do not claim any liability for their actions with your information. If you have any concerns regarding their privacy policies or terms of service make sure to visit their respective websites, look for a support tab on their widgets, or contact our support for assistance, however we do not claim any responsibility for the functioning of their services.

Account Deletion

                If you would like your account and information to be deleted please contact our support to have the matter resolved.