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Introduction. 1

Establishment of entity. 1

Registration as a user. 1

Terms of use. 1

Earning currency guidelines. 1

Currency guidelines. 1

Account termination. 1

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                This document contains all the relevant information for use of The following section will clarify the entities referred to throughout the document for a clear understanding of the requested compliance. The terms of service outlined in this document are subject to changes, the latest version of this document can be found on

Establishment of entity

               Wherever there is mention of “us”, “we” or “our” the entity in question is the owner of this website, Wherever “you”, “the user”, or “users” is mentioned, the entity in question is the user, client, or viewer of our website or any plural version of the afore mentioned.

Registration as a user

       is an online service offered by us that allows users to earn virtual currency on our site that the user can then redeem for virtual skins. By registering on the user agrees to the privacy policy in addition to the terms of service. If the user has any disagreement with the terms and conditions set in this document or the privacy policy, they must not register or discontinue their use of our service. Request for account deletion is offered by our website, you can make this request by contacting support at [email protected] with the subject ‘Account Deletion’, with relevant information in the body, such as their steam id. For further elaboration on the information we gather from users consult our privacy policy. Registration is limited to one account per user and only one account per household.

Terms of use

               By using our service, you agree to the terms of use, which include the following guidelines for each function of our service.

Earning currency guidelines

               You will not attempt to deceive our partners and/or us during any step of the process of currency earning processes. This includes but is not limited to offer walls, captcha technology, our own offers. The usage of virtual private networks, proxy servers, or any other virtual location altering services is prohibited. Usage of inaccurate information is also prohibited. You will not try to gain virtual currency illegitimately. You will not commit any violations of terms of service of our partner’s services. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your account being terminated.

Currency guidelines

               All currency earned on is virtual currency only redeemable on skin terminal and is in no way associated and or tied to the value of United States Dollars. User balances hold no real-world monetary value and can only be used in exchange for virtual items derived from games. reserves the right to adjust or remove your virtual balance at any time for any reason such as but not limited to: users not being logged in for a period of time, our service being shut down, as a result of user termination, or user account deletion.

Account termination

                We reserve the right to terminate accounts permanently or temporarily for any reason at any time. Any activity deemed suspicious, fraudulent, or damaging to and our partners will result in an inspection of your account and termination if deemed appropriate by us. Account terminations are subject to appeals however we reserve the right to reject the appeal for any given reason.


                We are not liable for any damages, losses, health implications, and other forms of damage by us or our partners. Usage of our service is strictly under your own risk.

Changes to this agreement

                This agreement is subject to changes at any time in our full discretion. Once the case the agreement is amended you will find the necessary notification on the front page of the website. You may choose to submit your account for deletion if you disagree with amendments made to this agreement. Continuation of account use subjects you to the amended agreement.

This agreement was last updated on August 9, 2020.